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Wednesday, 24. August 2011

ation progress

By 2562sad, 05:42

Topic three: Guangdong LED industry innovation platform construction (serial number 0821) (one) reports the content. The foothold our province LED industrial development's long-term demand, take LED domain units and so on superiority university, scientific research institution, Shareholding system, enterprise alliance as a main body, by new machine-made and new pattern conformity entire province LED industry innovation resources and so on technology research and development, Line organization,

the key support development range pole system research, the profession standard establishment, the industrial general character technology research and development, the intellectual property rights service, the personnel training and so on, form have the proprietary intellectual property rights knowledge system, the technical standard system, the industry services structure,LED lights manufacturer strengthens the profession cooperation and the exchange, the impetus technological strength and the technical diffusion, trains the top level talented person, the construction participates, the opening sharing Guangdong LED industry innovation platform in every way.

(two) approves the target. 1. grasps has the proprietary intellectual property rights core technologies, in 3 years obtain 5 above patents of invention or the international monopoly (PCT), the project overall technical level achieves domestic first-class, with international advanced standard basic synchronization;

2. take the project implementation as the backing, the main body undertakes the unit completes above the provincial level the key laboratory,dvb t tuners the project laboratory and so on into Representative's LED significant innovation platform, project implementation period increases the bench-scale equipment resultant to surpass 30,000,000;

3. raises a high level the LED technology research and development team. And, above the high-level title 5 people, increases above doctor about the school record 10 people. (three) supports the way.

Funds by free subsidization way disposable arrangement; (four) reported that condition

1. meets the declaration notice overall requirement;

2. encourages with the domestic well-known scientific research institution, the Leading enterprise to unite the declaration. Outside the province cooperates the unit not to surpass

3; 3. the project must have the science and technology to eagerly anticipate with the innovation driving force, technical and the industrial development direction (must list on behalf of medium and long-term LED is grinding with advanced research project detailed list);

4. the project effective date is 3 years; Topic four: LED illumination demonstration project (serial number 0822) (one) reports the content.

Goes on the market, the county take the place level (area) or the large enterprise group (including Shenzhen) as the unit, encourages to promote applies the new business model, continues to support the related city promotion application high efficiency LED street light illumination product,dvb t mpeg4 simultaneously in the Governmental agency, the school, the hospital and so on large-scale work place or the large-scale market, the hotel and so on public building large-scale promotion applies by the interior lighting LED illumination product primarily, forms the huge market consumer demand, draws the LED industry to develop fast. (two) approves the target.

1. project implementation period promotion application high efficiency LED street light illumination product 400,000; The LED interior lighting product (LED tube lamp, LED tube, LED ball soaks lamp) above 300,000, project overall electricity saving above 50%;

2. the demonstration project uses this province product completely; 3. the demonstration project product purchase, the quality monitor,dvb-t receivers the achievements appraise carry out the LED interior lighting product appraisal range pole system comprehensively.

(three) supports the way. The funds disposable appropriate according to the free subsidy way to the local finance or the directly under the provincial party committee Department responsible for the work, handles jointly with the Finance department by the place science and technology department or verifies after the directly under the provincial party committee Department responsible for the work appropriates by stages according to the project implementation progress.