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Thursday, 08. September 2011

incandescent lamp

By 2562sad, 05:32

 But understood according to reporter, the convex lens can change the production which the photo source the illumination angle and the effective impediment dazzle,哮喘 however actually has the majority of enterprises in the lamp old town not to use the convex lens, also does not carry on the truncation light angle design, presents the majority of products to dazzle the very fierce phenomenon.

the profession public figure all knows, white light LED has many merits, very suitable to make the lighting source. But it must obtain the massive applications in the home use illumination, but must in aspects and so on price, luminous efficiency, reliability have more breakthroughs,LED Spot Lights these three are indispensable, moreover needs in the LED industry middle and lower reaches the factory and the government apparatus joint effort Fang Neng to make the progress.

The other day national Development and Planning Commission announced "the Chinese Elimination Incandescent lamp Road map (Questionnaire Opinion Manuscript)", pointed out that to 2016, China will have eliminated thoroughly roasts the light bulb in vain, estimated that one year may the electricity saving 48,000,000,000 kwh electricity, this is because lighting electricity takes electric quantity 12%, if uses conserves energy the lamp, LED the illumination, may reduce many energy sales.

LEDinside believed that in 2012, 2013 LED lamps and lanterns market, its product selling price possibly can be present price half, the market accepts hopes to enhance largely, at the appointed time illuminates the brand, the illumination company enterprise,LED Flood Lights the new look which some mixes the cards, the international illumination big plant no doubt has its superiority and the brand charm, the capital, but recently the manufacturer many had the opportunity to obtain certain market niche.

"the Chinese Elimination Incandescent lamp Road map (Questionnaire Opinion Manuscript)" is before August 22, 2011 on-line questionnaire opinion, but the Chinese elimination incandescent lamp road map's final finalization, will issue officially in October 1, 2011.

According to this document which already issued, China estimated that from October 1, 2012, will forbid to sell and to import 100 tiles and above the ordinary illumination uses the incandescent lamp;LED Ceiling Lights From October 1, 2014, forbids to sell and to import 60 tiles and above the ordinary illumination uses the incandescent lamp; Based on the energy efficiency standard, forbids to produce, sales and the import light effect is lower than the energy efficiency limitation value the low efficiency halogen tungsten lamp;

From October 1, 2016,Patch Panel Manufacturer forbids to sell and to import 15 tiles and above the ordinary illumination uses the incandescent lamp. And, the reflection incandescent lamp, the spotlight, the fancy lamp and so on other type incandescent lamp as well as the special use incandescent lamp in do not eliminate in the scope.

LEDinside believed that forbids 100 tile light bulb's benefit, will reappear in 2012, but 60 tile following Bai Zhi the light bulb, will withdraw from the Chinese market the time, according to the plan looked that will be quite late, manufacturer when investment illumination market, is place which needs to consider.