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Thursday, 20. October 2011

quite expensive

By 2562sad, 05:40

On the weekend, in the European jewelry design circles quite famous, gave Zhang Ziyi the Chinese jewelry design jewelry designer Liu Fei made a special trip to trip the Hangzhou Tower, a guest spot spent 300000 yuan to buy jewelry raw materials, in addition to pay 20% of the design and processing fees, asked him to design a ring of the one and only.

Liu Feilai Hangzhou hand know the guest here strength does not poor, partly because his name had been Hangzhou Tower "secret list". This list is market through years of accumulation in the global scope to collect more than 100 jewelry designer information, ready for the guests to provide " jewelry high fixed" service. So, in addition to Liu Fei, this weekend, there are four or five jewelry designer will also appear at the Hangzhou Tower, similarly to" jewelry set to high".

" Jewelry high" how high?
The so-called" jewelry is jewelry, high" advanced customization, and luxury advanced customization somewhat similar to.
" When we realize that,Water slide some of the guests are not satisfied with the purchase of the counter of the finished product, they need more personality and personal imprint jewelry, it is decided to do a ' high fixed ' original intention." Jewelry Mall staff said.

Begin from last year, Hangzhou Tower will regularly held some designer's personal works exhibition of these works, the one and only rarely reproduced, and some material beyond imagination, sometimes may be some from the auction to small objects, sometimes it is the designer travel found in private collections, for example, a piece of the Qing Dynasty carved into its tusks, or is a specially treated conch. Last year, the Swiss designer Anna brought her a lot of design work, and this year's show is Liu Fei received a number of awards designs jewelry.

Because the designer a separate service for the guests, so" jewelry high" cost is low. Last year was the guest please Swiss designer to design a ring,Plastic wood except for the gold costs, processing costs high amounts to 18000 yuan, is 60 times the ordinary counters goods, but this year, the order 300000 jewelry raw guest, should also pay a 20% processing fee to the designer.

Jewelry Mall's" secret list"
For some visitors, even if he wanted to try to" jewelry high", also do not know to where to find the designer, how to communicate.
" Contact the designer is in fact the most troublesome thing, because many designers around the world run, for the guests from different countries, if not an information repository, regular guests don't know where to find them." Hangzhou Tower staff said, on August, the mall had established a jewelry club, before, over the years accumulated information integration, have come from around the world more than 100 jewelry designer, guests can look at their work, if you want a custom jewelry, can further communication, design, the designer will flying to fight when necessary to Hangzhou for your private jewelry design.

Besides the invited designers regularly to Hangzhou, Hangzhou Tower and a" in the field of designer", guests can also take their own bare drill, stone to please his private jewelry design, cost is relatively cheap is also more convenient.
This" jewelry high" orders of more than 30 pen

In fact," jewelry high" in Europe is very mature, some street shops often sell designer handmade jewelry, and prices are quite expensive, cost tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of euros, but at home, custom jewelry market has just started,Playground equipment but many circles are very optimistic about the prospects for the industry.
This year, Hangzhou Tower received thirty or forty pen" jewelry high set" business, the minimum list at $five thousand or six thousand, the largest list in about 300000 yuan, so far has made $about 1000000, although the ratio than other mature brand, but this is a new development in the market, and now the young people like personality, with own brand things, people in the industry think, custom jewelry may in recent years since wind unboiled water.