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Tuesday, 12. April 2011

This analysis report's

By 2562sad, 11:55
The product selects the guide application direction 1st, building outward appearance illumination   Carries on the projection to building some region, nothing but is uses the control light beam angle the round head and the square head shape projecting light has, this has the concept with the traditional projecting light to be completely consistent. But, is small as a result of the LED photo source and is thin, the linearity projects lamps and lanterns' research and development to become LED to project a lamps and lanterns' big luminescent spot without doubt, because many buildings simply do not have the place laying aside tradition projecting light which selects. Its installment is convenient, may the standard also be possible the vertical direction installment, to unify well with the building surface, has brought the new illumination vocabulary for the illumination designer, has developed the creation space. And has had the influence to the modern architecture and the historical construction's illumination technique. 2nd, landscape illumination    Because the LED lamp effect chart LED does not look like the traditional lamps and lanterns photo source many are the glass bulb shell, it may with the city street furniture very good organic synthesis. May in the urban leisure space like way, the staircase, the deck, the shore water region, the gardening carry on the illumination. Regarding the flowers and plants or the low bush, may useLED lightto carry on the illumination as the photo source. The LED hideaway's-like projecting light will have will receive the favor specially. The fixed end may design to insert pulls out the type, the basis plant growth altitude, facilitates carries on the adjustment. 3rd, marking and instruction illumination   Needs to carry on the spatial definition and the guidance place, like the path road surface's separation demonstration, stair step's local lighting, emergency exit's instruction illumination, may use the apparent brightness suitable LED spontaneous light to bury the lamp or to inlay in the vertical wall surface lamps and lanterns, like in theater audience hall ground control lamp or chair side indicating lamp, as well as in shopping center floor's guidance lamp and so on. Moreover, LED and the neon light compare, because is the low pressure, does not have the brittle glass, because of will not manufacture curving increases the expense, will be worth promoting the use in the marking design. 4th, indoor spatial demonstration illumination   On the illumination quality, because the LED flood light photo source does not have the quantity of heat, ultraviolet and the infrared radiation, will not have the harm to the exhibit article or the commodity, will compare with the traditional photo source, the lamps and lanterns do not need to attach filter the light installment, the lighting system are simple, the expense will be inexpensive, easy to install. Its precise lighting, may take the museum optical fiber illumination the substitute. Commercial lighting metropolis use colored LED, the indoor cosmetic white light LED union house decoration for indoor provides the auxiliary illumination, the hidden band of light may use LED, is specially advantageous regarding the low space. 5th, recreation area and stage lighting   Because the LED tendency, the numerical control color, brightness and adjust the light, the lively saturated color may create the static state and the dynamic illuminating effect. From the white light to the entire spectrum's in random color, the LED use has opened the new mentality in this kind of space's illumination. Long life, high lumen maintenance value (10,000 hours later still maintained 90% light to pass), compared with the PAR lamp and Jin Ludeng a 50~250 hour life, reduced the maintenance cost and the replacement photo source frequency. The phenomenon which moreover, after LED overcame Jin Ludeng to have used period of time, the color displaces. Compares with the PAR lamp, does not have the heat radiation, may cause the space becomes more comfortable. At present the LED colored decoration wall surface's has become common practice in dining construction application. 6th, video frequency screen   The entire colored LED display monitor is now in the world the most noticeable outdoors large-scale display unit, uses the advanced digitization video processing technology, has the incomparable ultra big area and superelevation brightness. According to the different indoors outer ring boundary, uses each kind of specification the illumination picture element, realizes the different brightness, the color, the resolution, satisfies each use. LED spot light It may the dynamic demonstration chart article animation information, use the multimedia technologies, may broadcast each kind of multimedia document. In world present most influential LED display monitor, when is the American Manhattan time square New York Stock Exchange, the grand total has used 18,677,760 LED, the area is 10,736 square feet. The screen may divide Cheng Duoge the picture, but also demonstrated that Wall Street stock market's quotation will present clear in front of the public. Moreover rises in the Shanghai Pudong Lu Jiazui financial center Zhendan international headquarters, entire faced Puxi's construction to set up the surface to add LED strip lighta border the long 100m ultra-large LED screen, amounted to the area to amount to 3600 square meters. Being possible be called world first. 7th, vehicles indicating lamp illumination   Is suitable in the electric car. Motorcycle automobile various lamps' illumination present, because present's technology has been substituted for by LED, therefore in 2010 LED may save 0.38 kilowatt-hours electric powers every year. Speaking of ordinary illuminates, with incumbent the technology which substitutes is compared, LED besides energy conservation, but also has the long service life (to be bigger than 50000 hours), the directing property, the volume small, easy to control and adjustable optical. If these four kind of ordinary illumination application transforms LED completely, then every year may save the electric power to amount to 133,000,000,000,000 kilowatt-hours. LED is suitable for the outdoors white light illumination application, has the limited light pollution and the light invasion besides it, bears the low temperature, high durable and the high quality photo source characteristic, but also has the remarkable energy conservation potential. In these outdoor lighting application, in 2010, LED tube light LED Ceiling Light saves the electric power total quantity to amount to 2,200,000,000,000 kilowatt-hours, if the outdoor lighting is substituted for completely by LED, it is estimated that may save the electric power 131,000,000,000,000 kilowatt-hours every year. Finally, what is worth mentioning, because LED may provide the good photo source to contrast and to improve the colour range, has the compact design structure, the reliable machine design, the long service life, the fast response control as well as has the improvement energy conservation, therefore, LED has been widely applied in the expense class electron demonstration domain. This analysis report's result showed that in 2010, in the expense class electron application, the LED electric power saves is 1,300,000,000,000 kilowatt-hours. However, because the present LED back light's high penetration coefficient and the highly effective competition technology's existence, enables the expense class electron application to have the lowest energy conservation potential. If all expense class electron application replaces the LED back light to demonstrate, that LED the achievable electric power saves the total quantity to be possible every year to amount to 30,700,000,000,000 kilowatt-hours.