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Friday, 12. July 2013

Fourth in the north

By 2562sad, 04:53
Cherry Fest teams with local fireworks enthusiasts to ensure twice the fun TRAVERSE CITY - There was a time, not so long ago, that a fireworks display on July 4 in Traverse City was an uncertain thing. The National Cherry Festival commanded so much time, resources and attention that the Fourth, which usually fell within Cherry Fest week, was better celebrated elsewhere. Not so anymore. Thanks to the TC Boom Boom Committee, and their partnership with the National Cherry Festival, along with some serious community support, this year's celebration is set to be the biggest Fourth in the north. “Last year we raised enough money to increase our Fourth of July fireworks program by 50 percent. It's the largest show up north,” says TC Boom Boom Committee President, and past Cherry Festival director, Tim Hinkley. Now in its second season of putting on the show, the committee works closely with the National Cherry Festival in their effort to produce the most outstanding show possible. “Cherry Festival is a good partner,” says Hinkley. “We utilize their staff to help with accounting, web development, PR, site use, volunteer assistance and more. The Cherry Festival Foundation, a 501(c) (3) Michigan nonprofit, is our fiscal sponsor and allows donors tax deductibility.”

Tuesday, 30. April 2013

President Obama's movie comedy

By 2562sad, 09:16

President Barack Obama's video skit at the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner employed the talents of none other than Steven Spielberg.

U.S. President Barack Obama drafted Steven Spielberg for a spoof video he played during the April 27 White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Stars such as Nicole Kidman, Kevin Spacey, Michael Douglas, Bradley Cooper, Katy Perry, PSY and Barbra Streisand joined journalists and politicians at the annual party, and laughed as Obama served up a hilarious routine, during which he offered up photos of what he would look like with his wife Michelle's much-hyped new hairstyle gift & premium.

Video: President Obama at the White House Correspondents Dinner

But the highlight of his comic turn came when he introduced a mockumentary about Spielberg's Lincoln follow-up, Obama, in which the President portrayed Daniel Day-Lewis, in character as the world leader.

Appearing in the film, the director said, "I needed someone who could dive in and really become Barack Obama and as it turns the answer was right in front of me all along – Daniel Day-Lewis.

Obama then pretended to be Oscar winner Day-Lewis, playing the President hong kong gifts and premium.

He said, "His accent took a while... The cosmetics were challenging. You wouldn't believe how long it takes to put these ears on gift and premium fair."

Thursday, 21. March 2013

competitive deal

By 2562sad, 05:32

All of our usual favorite goodies are still there, including four USB 3.0 ports (one of which will charge a mobile device), both VGA and HDMI video outputs,promotional premium Gigabit Ethernet, media card reader, and more. The 15R SE is truly a fully-featured machine, not leaving us wanting in any category.

What takes this deal to the next level is the combination of $164 instant savings and an unheard-of $200 Dell gift card. With an out-the-door price of just $635.99 corporate premium in addition to $200 to spend on anything from, this is one of the best deals we have ever seen on a laptop with these specs. Even as a $635 well-loaded Core i5 laptop this is a very competitive deal, but the gift card bonus is something we have never seen on a deal like this.

You even still get the no-cost 1 year on-site warranty service and 90 days of premium 24×7 phone support, which is something we don’t see standard from any manufacturer.advertising premium If you’ve been looking for stand-out deal on a premium laptop, you have found it. The $200 e-gift card is perfect to accessorize your new machine, perhaps with a shiny new monitor, or get a hefty discount on any of the many consumer electronics Dell sells. You shouldn’t wait long though, we do expect this deal to end soon.executive gift

Wednesday, 27. February 2013

Please don't be afraid of tired

By 2562sad, 10:17

The pressure of this thing, when HERSHEY'S bad, give you spiritual motivation, also gave some torture you nervous.

Not want to cry, want to, want to go crazy.

Who is not tired, who is not tired, who did not give a

Zhang Chuang can sleep till the end of desire.

Tired, can say, can vent, can seek stimulation for comfort, but, remember, do not tired, afraid, you

Then, really lost.

Don't try to win, but don't be afraid to lose, the mentality is very important, everything has to solve its way, way is not itself, is want to come out, don't be afraid, don't escape, you think, you will succeed, will be successful.

Met on their own without the benefit of things, make the greatest efforts, make best plan.

Have good for them, make the greatest efforts, hit the worst.

Well don't always think of time, eyes closed and open, one day past, the time go would be faster than a meteor, imperceptibly, friends, is the home has room, people with children.

Don't envy, remember, you the envy of others at the same time, others will also envy you fly-mouse.html.

Sometimes, selfish point nothing bad, sometimes, tolerant of you there is not much harm, do not think of yourself in the mind of others is a little place, so you are impassable with oneself airmouse.html.

Friendship is friendship with equal, any kind of him than of love and affection, friendship is the most easy to fade, because he is the most easily obtained, depth and time is proportional to, so who is who in the eyes of the position, no need to care so, maybe can't really call, may have difficulty really won't help, but, remember, as do, since you said, you must go to feel at ease and justified, don't regret, don't regret, don't be sad.

Sometimes, really tired, the body tired, tired heart, tired, no place to tell, tired smile to hide, tired all pretended to be so indifferent.

Sometimes really tired now and some life habits, the battle of wits, accustomed to being scolded, used by parting some pain.

Who can find the truth of our age, who would have thought we was just a baby, oh no, not your child, when you walk into a society that step up, you would have nothing to do with the children, not to the age to judge a person's ability, remember, please don't underestimate any one side, at the same time, also don't underestimate yourself pc-remotes.html.

Tired, tired, tired, will cover up with a smile, smile, will make you stronger.

Saturday, 02. February 2013

A drop of smart water

By 2562sad, 03:36

Most of the time, we often think: life, what is it?

Perhaps, for each individual, growth trajectory, experience different, mmwen23 tickck bear the weight of different feelings, different mood, will cause many different answers. Or is smooth, or frustrated; or joy, or grief; or bitter, or happiness; or tears, or smile. Numerous representation, interpretation of the joy memenn colordays and propagation attenuation and the ways of the world.

Person's life, always having some cannot avoid things, whether you accept it or not, like it or not, it is in a stoic personality, in the hard journey, timely for you to create a no words to the table " love", draw a few rich " mark point ". The content, will be like a shadow, in the sunny days, rainy road or Fifi, colordays tablospy about changing emotions and progress.

A wisp of breeze, sunshine, a smile, life is spilled accidentally!

No matter how the eager young, for life, for the longing for a better life, always in our mind, under the blue sky like the wings of a dove, is his pure feather!

But, in a not a specific moment, there will also be some gloomy melancholy into the harbor, let originally colorful images, colordayss susan858 add to the lonely and helpless sad story.

Life, was bittersweet, lack of what kind of taste, will lose the true mean! People will have not a magician, it doesn't get rid of mortal. If so, only in the glitz and fretful things, trying to find a tranquil harbor, let oneself originally pure soul, get a moment's rest.

It's not that we don't know how to live, most of the time, because life is changed us! Therefore, some people feel that their life is hurt, once encountered unhappy things, will blame everyone and everything but not oneself, hate the disease. You know, this was mainly due to not really understand the true meaning of life and inner texture.

In fact, life is a drop of smart water!

Some people say: mountain is potential, "the water, it is some truth. Yes, "the water, it should be and the nature of life. We can carefully recall their own path in life, it is not difficult to find, most of the time, meet people, experience it, suffered the injury, which is in normal form? Probably not!

Life, is a drop of smart water. It drops to where, where is integrated, and no sound, no traces. The same is true of life, not always with vigour and vitality, full of waves. Most of the time, dxxa09 jw like Yihong clear water, such as the Department of static, affectionately.

Fresh water, a silent lubricant! Water is smart, gentle if cotton!

In case of stone jumped, stuck around, in the yuan is Huan, fish are held in. This is the fresh water is everlasting ringing in our ears.

Tuesday, 22. January 2013

Newborn clothes you pick the right?

By 2562sad, 04:58

My mother wants to make the baby dressed up to the nines, whenever I see beautiful clothes can not help but give the baby to buy a few pieces. But the expert reminds, the newborn's skin is very delicate, parents in the selection of clothes for newborn must fine fine.

The preferred cotton

In November 4th, the reporter visited the Guilin city living doll and other major maternal and child supplies stores and large supermarkets, learn, many types and styles of clothes on the market, the light is divided into lace underwear, integral type and button type etc..

Affiliated Hospital of Guilin Medical College neonatal nurse director Wei Dingmin introduced, neonatal sweat gland is secreted exuberant, at the same time as the neonatal susceptibility to shower, the coat should not be selected chemical fiber and wool, but should choose cotton or silk.

In the style of choice, Wei Dingmin suggested that parents can choose bandage dress, not only convenient wearing, tie can also adjust the size, fat baby, baby are very good to wear thin.

" The need to pay attention to in the purchase of bandage type clothes for newborns, the length of the tape to the right, and to securely sewn on the clothes. If the tape is very loose, it is easy to appear around the baby's neck, fingers or toes, online ups power manufacturer causing damage to the baby. " Wei Dingmin remind, neonatal activities is unconscious, mostly bent limbs. In order not to bind neonatal development, clothes can choose a little bigger, which is convenient for parents to change clothes for the baby, but also convenient baby activity.

Clothing seams that less is more.

When many parents buy clothes for newborn babies, often like bright colors, sewing process complex clothes. " Newborn clothes color should not be too deep, because the dark pigment dyed cloth easy to stimulate the skin, so the newborn clothes are mainly light department is preferred. " Wei Dingmin remind, parents buy clothes for a newborn baby, should pay attention to underwear sewing process, seam less, complex seam is not selected.

Guilin city living doll shop mother on the new branch manager Liang Cuiliu introduced, when parents buy clothes for a newborn baby, also need to take into account the convenience of changing diapers for the children, the choice of clothes should also be easy to change the diaper for principle, can buy loose jumpsuit.

Try not to buy the dress with lace

Wei Dingmin said, the delicate bones of newborns, in buy coat, do not suit to wear pullovers, the best choice of cardigan, easy to wear off. Clothing material should be soft, comfortable, sutures not hard. " Buying clothes, we should pay special attention to, it is best not to choose a lace dress, because the baby may handle is inserted into the lace, so easy to hurt the baby's fingers. " Wei Dingmin added that, if the newborn to buy a hat, must choose the tape, if there is no tape, parents can do-it-yourself sewing a belt. Because most children don't like to wear a hat, if there is no tape, baby easily hat pulled off, so that the baby can catch cold easily.

Finally, Wei Dingmin remind parents of newborn, all the clothes, all applications in boiling water wash before wearing, wearing the sun exposure sterilization.

Thursday, 17. January 2013

The temple

By 2562sad, 03:24

Golden world,China tax people began to droop in a hot rock. This ancient brown stone gently embedded in the ground, and the surrounding land together with golden hot spray dust, as if to this group of people are swallowed, dba2a02ek destroy. This group of visitors.

A blue water reaches far beyond the horizon blue in the twinkling of an eye and repressed, grey sky fast condensation from rolling, will the sky dyed blue whiting, particularly strange! Beans large raindrops lightning smash on the brown rock, into many weary head, the dust has been pushed back ground, firmly glued to a piece of, yellow blood flow.

Panic rain cast me into the dark bushes, trees on both sides of the unknown a dragon like arm, back winding. My eyes soon to get out of a dark clumps of col. I 's covered in the rain, the air a billowing black monster, a fierce dragon claw at the top of the head to tear, it will I drive!!

Mo Qing tree dazed shows a temple, quietly lonely in the The temple I alone in this fight, big breathe lying on the hay. Outside the temple. The lightning flash, Huo rumbling thunder storms to fall down from the ash black monster giant mouth. Bright gold scissors!! The light of my side of the shrine, suddenly and timid, around slow is ferocious Shinto, go organize storage shocking the glare of the cold long grass shoot from the niches, these terrible shinto! Can't help trembling, could not help but cry, electro-optic went, Perak again! The rain block tick a single, I curled up, hidden in the temple!!

Don't seem to see the green sneer,Water slide didn't also terrible call, this time the sun is lazy to stretch, take out a I, a shabby temple!!

Monday, 24. December 2012

Those who love

By 2562sad, 04:32

Once asked about be thought about what is love, what is helpless, wordless relative, I seem to know love, cannot love;, dare to love, which is what kind of feeling? Sour, sweet, bitter, hot can have this taste? All thoughts are blasted., be reduced to fragments, summer job it is a kind of what kind of feeling? The world's most hurts is the feelings, but people can't be relentless, more impossible unfeeling. So, the in the mind think, read; in the memories I, hi; in the world of mortals love, hate, injure, pain in the secular world ... ...

In the snow falling night, looking at the falling snow, the heart is sad with. " Always sad with your sadness, happiness of your happiness. " A false start, pain and happy process, a wordless ending, formed between you and me this love, knows is false starts, but still let it happen. That should give up but can not give up, know the final harvest only pain, but in this virtual world enjoy life though hard up, free love, pain, smile, tears, split, with, care, resent, thinking, thinking ... ...

Love life is not in hand, it is full of tears and sorrow of the story. Once thought to have peace of mind, not for who move, but did not want to, but I met you. You are so, inadvertently came to me, make my heart lake. And I, in you unprepared, comes into your life, your calm upset. Why there are so many a strange combination of circumstances edge? Why don't we just met just in time? Why the lovers are always missed? Why has this late margin? Love, once the missing is forever miss. We have a piece of the sky, but not at the same time we smell flowers; common on a piece of land, but not at the same time printed footprints ...

I know, miss me, you will thought; you know, I miss you, I will be sad. Many a night in the long history of memory search your trail, many times, only at the information for your care; most of the time, can only think of you this way. If we meet at the right time, perhaps with you my life not others; if love can pass through the space and time and region, perhaps accompany in your side is not the others. If I miss this is just, why to meet each other again after 20 years? Since then, a heart to do tours, to the sadness of the road. Many a night to brew a cup of strong coffee, taste, the bitter soak oneself every nerve root. Many a rainy day, looked at the rain falling, cheap baby clothes thoughts began to fly ... ...

Between us does not have what love, no life affection, but our hearts are forever inseparable concern, we are the most familiar stranger in the world. Accustomed to looking at a lot of romantic themes, love can't keep feeling, always feel the feelings of erratic. Maybe one day tired tired, and then disappears. But the deep care will not vanish. But I also know it hard to predict. It makes many lovers in the pain and happiness. I know, maybe one day we will in each other life goes gradually gradually far, not seen until the fuzzy. But I believe, one day, forget forever, let us remember one day that day ...

Monday, 03. December 2012

LED road lamp standard

By 2562sad, 04:28

Recently, Frierson Nico Lighting System Technology Co. Ltd. a micro-blog entitled " Guangdong will all the lights changed to LED Street will be a disaster! " The Guangdong provincial government open letter, causing million spectators. The LED street lamp standards in the light of content, LED products combined with the author for many years engaged in product development and promotion of LED street lamp street lamp application status, comprehensive analysis of LED road lamp standards in the light of some of the " error", in the street lamp, light efficiency requirements specifications, color range, color index, the saving rate has set new understanding and suggestions, urged relevant departments shall be revised standards.

One, foreword

Recently, Frierson Nico Lighting System Technology Co. Ltd. a micro-blog entitled " Guangdong will all the lights changed to LED Street will be a disaster! " The Guangdong provincial government open letter, causing million spectators. From the letter, as well as the micro-blog counterparts of the phonograph, achieved consistent understanding, are of the view that the relevant departments, scholars have mentioned LED street lamp lighting high energy-saving effect and the advantages of color there are some ambiguity is not rigorous, scientific, comprehensive exposition. Today, the LED street lamp with respect to the standard, such as the 2009 March Guangdong Province in countries and other regions issued by the local standard " LED street lamp " DB44/T609-2009, to 2010 December China Quality Certification Center issued the " LED road / tunnel lighting energy-saving products certification technical specification " ( hereinafter referred to as the " CQC3127-2010 CQC road lamp specification " ), to 2012 year in Guangdong Province semiconductor light source industry association released the " Guangdong Province LED lighting product evaluation benchmarking management practices (2012 Edition ) " ( hereinafter referred to as the " GDBMT-TC-I002-2012 street lamp pole specification " ) and other standards or specifications of the technical indicators are apparently backward, not actual normative meaning, or have relevant content is not applicable or need supplement, or some specifications is not strict enough vague etc.. These standards is the lead today around LED street lamp and the source of controversy. Guangdong Province at the beginning of the year " LED road " Project Authority proposed revision, which is conducive to the development of the industry of blessing, but also the personage inside the industry to a correct understanding of LED road lamp standard time.

In two, LED street lamp specification correct understanding and perception

On the LED street lamp specification, mainly in the " CQC road " and " street lamp pole Standard Specification for " embodied and specific requirement, which according to the rated capacity of the former LED Road products is divided into 3000lm, 5400LM, 9000lm and 14000lm four kinds of specifications, the latter will LED street lamp specification is divided into L-1:<8000lm, L-2:8000 ~16000lm, L-3:>16000lm three specifications.

Currently in use the traditional street lamps ( HPS ) main specifications are 70W, 150W, 250W, 400W. LED Street extension as an alternative specifications over the traditional street lamps, should have very strong specific aim. From the above two standards, " CQC road lamp specification " the product is divided into four specifications targeted to a certain extent, also represents the general scholars on LED street lamp according to the rated capacity classification specifications view. And " normative " street lamp post specifications division LED lamp is more ambiguous, the manufacturers and owners have guiding role. In fact, generally believe that the luminous flux is 5400LM, 9000lm, 14000lmLED street lamp can be respectively replaced traditional street 150W, 250W, 400W HPS is not objective and not comprehensive, because such lamps just meet city road lighting design standard of the road surface illuminance 25~ 30lx only, or only equivalent to the low level of traditional street light illumination. Due to the fact that the traditional street lamps general illuminance is 35 ~ 50lx. Therefore such alternative called the saving rate is deceive oneself and others, is the expense of existing illuminance value, have no way to traditional street pavement effect. Perhaps experts lamps to meet national road lighting standards can be, but at the same time there must be another opposition: our road for LED streetlight after getting dark also reflected innovation sex, advanced sex?.

To completely replace the existing traditional street lamps, street lamps LED rated capacity should be equal to the table and high-grade traditional lamp luminous flux. For specifications of 3000lmLED street lamp can replace 70W HPS; specifications 5400LM, 9000lmLED street lamp can replace 150W low high two grade high pressure sodium lamp; specifications 9000lm, 14000lmLED street lamp respectively instead of 250W low high two HPS undisputed, for owners of free choice. But the highest specifications only 14000lm LED lights to replace the 400W HPS is more far-fetched, urgent increase specifications 20000lm luminous flux of LED lamps to fill completely replacing 400W high-pressure sodium lamp blank.

Monday, 19. November 2012

Buy a house buy life

By 2562sad, 04:02

Regulation of the property market step by step, real estate regulation does not relax, house prices are still far ahead, and many people began to advocate, hd dvd player buy a house buy life, rather than being a volatile prices led by the nose, it is better to give up when the housing slave, spend money to improve their quality of life!

Now the young white-collar high income, but to buy one suite is not a simple matter, if the burden of mortgage, the wages higher is the only living fuel life. So many white-collar workers chose to lease, and the rest of the wages for yourself.

For example, a netizen said, she and husband in Beijing rent house, but life is good, rent 3000 yuan, room decoration is their own care. From the interior to the ceramic tile of choose and buy, buy from the refrigerator to Siemens paved with marble tile Annwa tile, are carefully selected, life to be rash and too much in haste, they say now than the slaves were very low stress, and life is nourished, free!

To make a long story short, prices in Beijing and has been it is quite common change dvd region for everything, and is always closely linked with people the topic for this concern, people have never stopped, because of this, people begin to ignore the real need in life. In fact, as long as the life happy, happy, away from the house away, dab6d27ck pay more attention to their quality of life, you'll find out life was not that hard. If your money is limited, so from now on, give up on the house too rigid, using it to create your fine life.

Friday, 16. November 2012

The knowledge that you know?

By 2562sad, 03:10

Although the sun in winter no other season is so strong, but the air is dry and cold, and indoor heating " bake ", furniture is easy to crack and local fade, so home moderate air humidity is the key to maintenance of furniture. Among them, many consumers reflected geothermal heating structure of solid wood floor after a year of using many local cracks will appear, according to insiders, solid wood flooring interior tend to remain a certain moisture, but in winter hot dry conditions, floor shrinkage, the floor from the seam will increase, therefore properly increase in the family the humidity in the air can effectively prevent cracks.

At the same time professionals to remind consumers, winter wet to moderate. Wood unique water absorbability, easily with the environment changes, so should be uniform humidification humidifier, try to put on the ventilation, light moderate local, can not close to the furniture, otherwise, prone to wood moisture expansion, cracking, mildew and rot caused by furniture, metal parts appear rusty, furniture bonded part easy to open the original, chrome produced from film etc.. General heating period use humidifier to keep the humidity of the room in between 40%-60% is more appropriate.

Maintain indoor humidity minimize window of time

Many heating better residential users, due to the indoor temperature is too high, every day of ventilation. Many people mistakenly believe the winter window ventilation, the indoor temperature drop, operable partition dab6d22ck wooden furniture and crack phenomenon of natural decline. In fact, the higher the temperature of the air, saturated water more, that is to say the winter indoor and outdoor relative humidity higher than. Experts said the real reason, home furnishing cracks from humidity, temperature and non. This time window ventilation only changes the cold air outside, make indoor drier. So, in the winter should be reduced ventilation time, save the indoor humidity is the right furniture maintenance road.

Clean the furniture to pay attention to skills

Due to the dry climate in winter characteristics, wood is more fragile, coupled with the heating of water in wood, substantial loss, texture becomes loose, usually solid floor or furniture is likely in the cleaning was easily scratch. Therefore, during the process of cleaning, try not to use a cleaning tool touches the surface of wood. Usually also pay attention to furniture and maintenance, do not let the hard metal products or other sharp object collision furniture, to protect its surface appear mishap. Wipe the furniture also cannot use wet wipes simply wipe, but it should be the choice of professional furniture care essential oil, which can lock the moisture in the wood, prevent wood Ganlie deformation, while nourishing wood, prolong the life of furniture.

Tuesday, 13. November 2012

How to cook

By 2562sad, 03:03

In just the past two months did not allow businesses gain a " golden nine silver ten " ". Due to the whole of the furniture industry is stagnant, although the business has taken a substantial promotion and sales strategies, but the market does not have very big improvement, make its many discount promotions were futile, price competition has no great significance.

Although the related statistical data shows, this year the market over the same period last year have improved, and the property market is closely related to the furniture industry, still do not see any signs of warmer. " Big brand should not be greatly affected, but some small brands or small businesses, impact should be small. " A staff member said.

The reporter understands in interview, furniture industry this year, the overall downturn in the industry in the downstream of the small businesses are more difficult, and a number of stores in the sparse crowd give proof of. " Now a morning almost no customers, and you will see. " A seller told reporters, " compared with the same period last year, sales volume drops somewhat, after many discount promotion, achievement also sell do not go. "

The downturn in the market, how to survive the basis to keep their profits are businessmen first need to consider the problem. In November, Beijing begins to carry out furniture with old change new, largely on the market at present is more like a trial, and can eventually brings for furniture industry like home appliances, automobile that opportunity is not known. " Individual stores in the development operable partition dab6d22ck with old change new, but this is not universal, for many small and medium-sized businesses, the operation is very difficult. " A merchant tells a reporter.

The depressed market, raise the cost of rental store in successive years rises, many businesses have begun to attempt through the online platform for sales, to expand sales channels. But from the point of practical effect, and did not play a fundamental role. The reporter understands, the small number of furniture products as the main face of the young customer groups, in the online sales of good, and relatively large furniture, due to the installation, customer service, online sales are not ideal.

In the interview, in home furnishing building materials industry practitioners in the past 7 years Mr Wong told reporters, this industry technical doorsill is low, a few years can be said to be " lying down can make money ", does not need to how superb marketing tool. Therefore, a few years greatly small manufacturers, businessmen like bamboo shoots after a spring rain like appearance, due to production process of similar products, the difference is very small, when consumer is buying can make comparisons. In order to attract customers, merchants began a round of promotions, will profit a pressure-pressed, just to get more sales.

Wednesday, 07. November 2012

The most beautiful language in the world

By 2562sad, 06:11

What is smile? She is a kind of self-cultivation, a virtue, a kind of wisdom, a kind of mercy; more is a kind of life, a kind of nature's Thanksgiving, a life of greatly discerning and apprehending. Her action is very simple: Beijing spring as long as the mouth gently pull upward to raise, corners of the mouth, eyes, tip of the brow is filled with touching laughter.

Smile, is the most beautiful language in the world. Her soundless and stirless, but such as the spring sunshine warm winter fire, the warmth like. She like the breeze blowing over the heart, such as drizzle moisten the earth, such as the moon lit up the night sky, like incense diffuse atrium. She slowly permeable heart, touch the hearts of the most flexible the soft heart, playing the most beautiful music.

Smile, beautiful and kind. Whether it is family, or friends, acquaintances, and strangers, as long as sincere, there is a magic. She is able to purify the human mind, edify sentiment, mother insists enhance the taste. She can you catch a glimpse of the moment, the moment she was infected, into this, assimilation. Imperceptibly immersed in it, a warm in heart ripples, flash, and to systemic spread, slowly, spread to every pore, was immersed in the soft warm graceful, not independent. We appreciate sb.'s thought: the original true omnipresent, earth is full of warm, full of happy, full of happiness.

Smile, is the most noble human spirit. She is from the heart, no one can cheat. She has a huge magnetic field, has a strong appeal, like the virus can be transmitted. She infected is happy, happiness, is the praise, is a blessing, is recognized, is a heartfelt sincere. Only the pure heart to bright smile, smile naturally. To laugh and smile, beautiful, is a realm of life. In childhood, we can laugh to maintain one's original pure character; when young, we can laugh naivete; youth, we laughed chunqingdangyang; middle-aged, we laughed mature and dignified; older, we smiled graciously. Can smile not easily, can bright smile, laugh to life is not an easy thing.

Smile like spring breeze, like the sun, such as the moon, such as stars, such as flame, such as incense, such as light music. In total we inadvertently splendid; she is like my mother's hand, decoration gently touching you, bring you peace, joy and happiness.

Smile is like a mirror, we clearly see the heart. When we laugh our heart is clean, clean; when we smile bright, our heart is beautiful; when we laugh happily, our heart is happy; when we smiled kindly, our heart is kind. She couldn't do a little fake, fake smile, is a crafty, at a glance.

A smile is egoism altruism, her happiness itself, but also bring happiness to others. Her delivery is the Olympic flame, one another, very happy people. She is like a pyramid scheme, geometric times increase, the world is full of happy moments. Domino, but her image annotation. Happy, happy people, smile is a kind of lofty, more is a kind of mercy. A happy people do it, put a smile to pass out, let the world is full of happiness. In so doing, is actually a great kindness. It was supposed to be Dutch act, infection and happy, feel the warmth of humanity, not Dutch act. It was supposed to do, with happy, feel the warmth; then the heart is unripe one good thought, laying down the butcher's knife, decoration design become a Buddha immediately, it made great merit.

Monday, 17. September 2012

What is artificial ground heat energy

By 2562sad, 09:55

Artificial ground heat energy ( EGS ) is to solve global warming for clean energy demand in twenty-first Century has gradually become a new method of the initial concept, 70 time have been proposed but has not been paid enough attention to. Conception for geothermal distribution region is extremely limited, then somebody puts forward adopting deep drilling technology to drill to anywhere near bottom lava near 300 degrees above the area, Solar Panel Supplier at least 2 well drilling well injection water well recovered after the geothermal heating steam generating, if the cost to allow drilling more recovery wells can reduce the bulk of energy saving and loss of steam; increased power efficiency.

Although simple in principle but because of the desired depth is 5 kilometers long and above, but also through many strong new energy hard granite crust, traditional percussion drilling method to drill with high wear hundreds cost too much, and the ground state is difficult to grasp the possible water can not flow out of the abandoned well, plus in the mass media attention than solar energy geothermal and the wind is high, many factors make people reluctant to invest in and stopped at the experimental stage.

But the new technology such as hot water drill rig, plasma has proposed the concept, the drilling cost is expected to drop considerably, whereupon the geothermal energy from the location and climate effects can provide 24 hours stable base load electricity characteristics, construction time, Solar Module Manufacturer dab6d25ck cost and public concern and far below the nuclear energy; it is expected to become the most competitive and global green energy warming relief program.

Thursday, 13. September 2012

Power performance evaluation

By 2562sad, 08:49

1, technical specifications ( including the electrical properties, mechanical properties, safety, electromagnetic compatibility, environment etc.)

1) power supply technical specification shall conform to the national mandatory standards ( preferably simultaneously copy movie to PSP meet the national mandatory or voluntary standards ). This standard see section second.

2) power supply technical specification shall conform to Intel set industry standard or reference. Can refer to the Intel industry standard ( Design )

2, reliability

You can see the third part. Is the main components of the electrical, thermal stress to leave a large margin.


The semiconductor junction temperature not exceeding 110 degrees Celsius ( ambient temperature of 50℃) Google TV remote

Transformer, inductance temperature can not exceed the safety requirements

Capacitor shell temperature can not exceed the rated value of 95%

Components of voltage and current derating should be greater than 10%

Porcelain pieces at any grid, load, start or transient conditions, can prevent the saturation.

3, compatibility

Compatibility issues involved is relatively wide, a good supply of products, chinese herbal product dab6d23ck not only should have good technical specifications and reliability, also have full compatibility, that is adapted to various parts of the ability. Power is the whole computer system required energy source, so the relationship to each of the required energy provided by the power supply component.

Common compatibility design key points should be paid attention to:

1) the power of all output and Remote and PG signal timing relationships

2) Remote signal and PG signal jitter proof design

Adding positive feedback, delay switching characteristics and peak absorption circuit, preventing error action, online ups power ensure the stable PG.