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Wednesday, 20. February 2013

With a smile relieved, with a simple starting

By 2562sad, 09:10

In order to live, we be forced to leave one's hometown, away from family and friends, a lot of the time the silent sad and aggrieved, you can only silently carry, silently in the reinforced concrete city flow of happy or sad tears, live weight, a shoulder pain and no pain, you have to go, because it is a calendar Shuo and growth.

Life, is a castle, you give yourself to build a not expose to wind and rain shelter, the shelter in you except the careful layout, also need to do what little one can to help them, not leak, can not collapse, or your ability, male or female, the castle to firm and matchless, you it was best to pay, this is not the coagulation, believe in yourself is power business gift.

Life, it is good, it is cruel, because it is a better tomorrow, can hope to have endless, cruel is because it is a competitive, the winner can stand an invincible position, to give yourself a better stage to display their talent, and this stage depends on your attitude to life, how do you treat life, life will be how to treat you Cheap baby clothes is most partents.

We always have too much incapable of action, for those who can't afford it sigh, but the force of things you did not? To own a good heart, establish good moral character, less cheating, more sincere, these are not the truth, it is very simple, you can do it?

The total time can't sleep at night, which I have experience greatly, so this time I want to do what? I used to work for the day to sum up, there are those places do bad, how to do tomorrow? This day I call to who, who call me? Can't sleep. If you can think of these, it is not used to, this is the taste of life gift & premium.

No man would want to have some problems in life, the old haunt you, but you have to understand, want to know one thing, you each do, it gives you will bring about what kind of consequences, you have much ability to bear? If you don't have the courage to face it? You is it right? Should think thrice before acting, including the wrong words, will make you in trouble, bring the disaster, do you believe?

Do not think that the world except you are stupid, too much smarter than you are, when you feel bad, you might have been drilling people decorated trap, as soon as you step by step into the go, remember, there is no free lunch premium gifts.

Life, just like an old man, we should study it survival skills, and read its immortal vicissitudes of life, it is a rule, it is the strength of trends, it is rooted in human years not the old legend, we are not God, can not support a fart is, can not live life, as you do, then how to go, is the only your romantic life let future generations to evaluate.

You and I have only one life, no afterlife, even if there is a next life, who doesn't know, Buddhist Scripture, this kind of many causal, the afterlife will repay. Being a man, Millennium reincarnation, and then dust dust, earth to earth, we are the world of mortals traveler, band edge practice, and I, only buried loess gentleman body, a thousand years not every life, such as application have you seen?

I appreciate those of plain living people, they love life, dare to struggle, and life hardships and dangers of their hard-working, kind-hearted, with both hands in the land of the living work of hope, harvest, harvest and joy, they, not suffering, not to bow to destiny, solid through simple and happy life Baby wear online need know some advise premium gifts.

We are all sons and daughters of the land, the heritage of the Chinese nation from generation to generation, we are connected, we are brave and hard-working, in this piece of fertile land green earth, history is engraved with the ancestors of the monument, you go down to posterity story recorded their fresh name, we have sworn in the five-star red flag fluttering in the wind in the thunderous applause, before flying dreams set sail, parents in the eyes migrate, remember that once lofty oath? Heat is life it for you to write to a pen?

Tuesday, 11. December 2012

Domestic appliances

By 2562sad, 03:03

Mention of black-and-white TV sets, tape recorders, copper leaf electric fans and other old appliances, many older people have touched. Like " Chunlan " " Panda " and " alternative " such as home appliances brand, have become fashionable for a time, digital tv player although now almost disappeared, but difficult to erase them for their contributions to the development of home appliances. From the black and white TV to the flat, from hand telephone to telephone wireless cluster, from snowflake refrigerator to double door with bar and wideband temperature luxury refrigerator ... ... Decades of home appliance changes, not only brought us the technical transformation and breakthrough in the past, and the warm memories.

50 time home appliance during sprouting period

Key words: ore, in radio drama

The 50's of last century, people's entertainment life is poor, theater Liao Ruo morningstar. When people free, only to see the monkey in the street, see folk artists juggling, see " sell power pill " one trick, or go to the market street bookstall books, see " picture book ", in order to meet the spiritual and cultural needs.

After the founding of the people's home, almost no home at all, the ordinary people at home becomes the three most common lamp regenerative radios no, some good and some basic knowledge of young people will get a pair of headphones and ore, the installation of a crystal radio, listen to the radio music, has been considered a senior enjoy. But in the government's policy guidance, whole 50 time China's significant achievements in scientific research, including television, washing machine, computer, large home appliance all realize the independent production, promote the people's standard of living and improve the development of.

60 time home appliances blank period

Time key words: semiconductor radio, film projection teams

In the lack of substance in 60, household appliances or an empty concept. When even the lights are few, the most advanced entertainment only listening to the radio and watching movie team playing movies. 60's popular radio market, but the price is very high, at that time is a luxury, few could afford, so many people want to have their own radio, only their own assembly. Then, some people like today's students assembled computer, buy a bunch of diode, triode resistors, capacitors, a class of things, free youtube downloader then the circuit assembly. Even the radio housings, also with three plates. While popular in the market is from Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing and other places of some radio factory has produced the " spring ", " flight ", " red light" and other semiconductor radio. Among them, more famous is the Nanjing radio factory production of " Panda " card semiconductor radio.

In the 60's, some villages and towns is no electricity, so the lamp is not every village there. No television, no more no drum washing machine, refrigerator, people life is quite simple. The evening meal, home kids clamoring to go to the school playground to watch movies, picked up a stool and went out of the house. The film is in black and white, but the surrounding everyone see fairly attentively. Many towns and villages have movie team, basic weekly show two times, content with domestic or foreign black-and-white film mainly. Then, went to the playground to watch the movie you will become a major cultural and recreational life evening.

70 time home appliance development period

Time key words: Radio, television

Watch, radio in twenty-first Century is no longer a rarity, in the nineteen seventies are many family style symbol. 70 in the standard four large watches, semiconductor, bicycles and sewing machines, when young people to get married, if fortunate enough to buy a Shanghai production of " big red" or " garefowl " brand radios, placed in the new house to listen to the radio, music, the friends will feel very proud.

Black and white television started to enter the public family, film projection teams from gray to color. In some city family, small screen black and white TV become food for the spirit of culture and entertainment. If you think that the screen is too small, will go to buy a television magnifier, placed in front of the TV set will feel very satisfied. To have movie player a look in twenty-first Century 55 inch LED color television, estimated at that time people never thought that TV will develop into it. In the nineteen seventies, several family around the television picture in turn are rarely seen today.

Wednesday, 28. November 2012

Former player overlords

By 2562sad, 02:51

PowerDVD is Taiwan CyberLink developed video CD playback program, in DVD just in general computer time, PowerDVD was in the limelight, the application also launched the Android version, but now the PowerDVD has and DVD play hang not hooked, tv media player merely a browse media player.

PowerDVD Mobile version is designed specifically for Android tablet computer developed by the player, but this version of the player can also use on a mobile phone, the PowerDVD Mobile has a very friendly user interface, the user would look like very kind, but such a user interface dvd creator in the Android mobile phone player listed do not see more.

At the same time, PowerDVD Mobile also supports DLNA technology, users can use the Play to video sharing PowerDVD desktop version, users watch video without limitations in the mobile phone on the small screen, the function compared to the other only in mobile phone terminal client player would be more advantages.

In addition to the video, PowerDVD can also be in the mobile phone directly viewing music, pictures and other documents, is a mobile phone on good media player software, but PowerDVD for video format support still needs to be improved, free video converter with the other mobile phone video player compared to PowerDVD in a format not dominant, the application interface that left profundity to us impression.

Tuesday, 30. October 2012

Microsoft battle of King Hill

By 2562sad, 09:29

By installing the Win8 super the counter iPad, grab build mobile interconnection bus

Microsoft is considered to decide future next generation operating system Windows8 finally unveiled in Shanghai, Mini wireless keyboard the morning of October 23rd, Microsoft in China first launched the Windows8 operating system, and in October 26th plans to achieve global synchronization listing.

Windows8 the biggest change, is to realize the functions of touch, Microsoft hopes mount Windows8 super this, as against the iPad killer weapons.

This is called Windows history the milepost sense product, will be the former software giant Microsoft whether the mobile era, to PC times brilliant an important weight. Windows8 is capable of carrying Microsoft remodeling industry position of responsibility? Microsoft industry chain in PC manufacturers can Windows8 find Phoenix opportunity?

Microsoft wants Windows8 to turn over

As everyone knows, as more and more individual user will calculate the task to a mobile phone and computer transfer, the biggest challenge facing Windows. For Windows8, the whole PC industry and downstream is waiting.

Microsoft Greater China Chairman and chief executive, he Lefu said at the press conference, Windows8 is a Windows remodeling. And " the father of the Windows " the Steven Sinofsky of the title in the product be profuse in praise at the same time, Air mouse also said that the Windows8 debut in China is that attach great importance to the Chinese market, Microsoft will support Win8 China business development.

But before the Microsoft CEO Ballmer said in an interview with Windows95. Windows8 is even more important than to know that, after the listing of Win95, Microsoft contribution to annual revenues of over $15000000000, so the achievements of Microsoft founder Bill Gate 's position. " Until now, Windows95 is obviously in recent 20 years the most important products. But I think Windows8 would clearly outweigh the. Although it with Microsoft was established, first popular PC and its system release compared to the somewhat difficult, but it does have such importance. " Ballmer said.

Compared to the previous series of Windows operating system, Windows8 is the biggest change in the operating system, the biggest characteristic, is the realization of the functions of touch, the user on the screen with a finger can be used for operation. In touch technology is popular today, this Windows8 feature, making it completely into the mobile Internet era. Can say, smart TV remote the release of Windows8 is Microsoft, and over the last 30 years the cleavage of the signal.

But the Windows8 of this innovation is adventure. Because Windows8 and traditional Windows with considerable differences, many frequently used buttons are hidden, requiring the user to search for and remember, this let many experienced Windows8 users feel uncomfortable. The world has 10 million users of Microsoft, is undoubtedly a major challenge.

During the interview, many OEM manufacturers also worry about Microsoft to people familiar with Windows operating system to make snap change, there are many risks, especially corporate customers can accept this exciting changes ", but also had to fight to win or die, in order to increase the competitiveness of the market move, change in total than sitting to wait for death is strong ".

Save the Windows8 super

Windows8 the biggest change, is to realize the functions of touch, HTPC keyboard with the Windows8 super this, commercial and entertainment functions, thus becoming the killer weapons against iPad.

Friday, 12. October 2012

LED manufacturers

By 2562sad, 06:12

September immediately after, soon faces the harvest in October. Can saying October is the season of LED display. Chinese ancient customs, Globe Lamp Bulb in October a variety of holiday been going to. Then the Shenzhen LED display manufacturers how to seize this opportunity, to break through, to further enhance their interests?

At present domestic LED products are in price war, price war can be said to be a very bad influence. Just for the sake of order, continue to lower prices. The loss is not only their own interests, but the whole industry are affected. Customers buy low LED display, display quality apparent difference, to bring customers a lot of dissatisfaction, thus losing this customer. As for the rental display, the next few months will be more and more. LED display screen playback quality is a very important point, however the price inferior products is difficult to meet this demand, thus affecting the use of the interests of the parties. Such a cycle of death, will LED display into a dead end.

The current LED industry lack of unified standard: makes the product on the market is uneven, some good and some bad. Perhaps countries wanted to launch related standard, LED Bulb Brand but may in order to consider the industry balance or certain business interests, but has not issued. Some local large enterprises have to promote the standard formulation, the general is the enterprise and attestation orgnaization and local government cooperation the introduction of standard. But these are local. Not up to the national level, but also prone to disagreement, there are some problems. This problem has not been solved. We will continue to look to the national standards published.

The view from above can be considered, in October to come up with good results, in addition to the product have a good quality. More is required from the customer's point of view, for customers to consider. Maybe it can gain more success. In today's world, technology change rapidly increase the market competitiveness of the ever-changing process, LED spotlight dab8d28ck enterprises attach more and more importance to technology innovation brings the competition strength and the creation of long-term and short-term market interest, gradually formed to technological innovation as the core development strategy. Every enterprise has different view, each enterprise has different positioning, maybe we want to do is to do their own.

Thursday, 04. October 2012

Touch control device

By 2562sad, 03:47

A new handwritten search allows users to a finger on the screen directly on the input query string, without having to rely on the keyboard input, and almost can use the entire screen handwriting input. The function is still in the experiment, Wireless keyboard in the Android platform Chrome browser execution effect best.

Google ( 7/26 ) on Thursday announced that the mobile phone and flat-panel computer touch screen user launched a handwritten search service ( Hand write for web search ).

The last Google in order to make mobile device users to more easily search, Google TV remote has launched the voice search, performed on the input before the display of search results significantly faster search, and search services. Software Engineer Google RuiUeyama said, a new handwritten search allows users to either stand on a busy street, bumpy taxi, is chatting with friends, or sit on the sofa, can a finger on the screen directly on the input query string, without having to rely on the keyboard input, Android TV remote and almost can use the entire screen handwriting input.

As long as the user enters mobile browser settings interface, and enable handwritten ( Hand write ) function in the bottom right of the screen, you can see the function of the icon, press with finger input string will appear in the search box. Handwriting is automatically completed the design, will be able to write half system proposed by the query content.

Ueyama clarification, handwriting is not meant to replace the keyboard input function, but can be complementary to. The function is still in the experiment, in the Android platform Chrome browser performs best; current handwriting search function compatible with the above iOS5 device, more than Android2.3 mobile phone, online ups power and more than Android4.0 tablet computer, can support 27 languages.

Monday, 24. September 2012

Household electrical appliance products market development

By 2562sad, 08:53

At present, home appliance technology development change rapidly, product constantly bring forth the new through the old. Originally home appliance technology development, new products to market, the new function of the appearance and perfection region free dvd to improve the quality of life of consumers has a very important significance, but the reporter investigates discovery, because the relevant laws and regulations lag, the technological innovation and the emergence of new products after sale services often became blind spots, and thus brought to consumers it is difficult to solve the trouble.

Home appliance product into market competition hotspot

In the home appliance market competition more and more intense, the product is more and more abundant today, the application of new technology and new product research and development has become a trend. Now the smart TV, air-condition, Zone Free DVD dab6d28ck intelligent electric rice cooker and other intelligent products meet the eye everywhere. Information technology in the field of home appliances and cloud applications, also makes the cloud, cloud air conditioning TV information product competition phase, time, home appliance market new scene, unusually lively.

However, lively technical competition idea eventually led to the core technology convergence, difficult to break the awkward, in this case, be familiar with the difference competition importance of enterprises in product functions, improve and increase the product function as its pursuit of product differentiation focus, which also resulted in the home appliance market set off a new function of war.

The reporter investigates discovery, at present, including air conditioning, TV, freezer, washing machine, water machine, water heater, small appliances, without focusing on the new features of the competition. Such as air conditioning off the health function of World War II, TV launched digital interface, DVD, DVD players and other multiple functions in a fully functional wars, refrigerator washing machine start fresh wars, energy saving, health, environmental protection war started ... ... These are home appliances new function competition to the extreme.

Some brand air-conditioning sales responsible person in an interview with reporters, although many of the functions of home appliances products to consumers is not practical, the opposite also comes at a cost price increases, but as home appliance enterprise, still dare not neglect. From the market survey, red wine many consumers have home appliance product function as a measure of how much advanced products and not the primary standard. In this case, the enterprise only to improve as much as possible, increase the product function, and have not the slightest bit child neglect.